Rethink Moving Back Home After Graduation

Finishing college can more challenging than it sounds. You might think that upon graduation your difficulties are over. No more studying or term papers, you are free at last. The problem you soon find yourself with is now what? What do you do and where do you go? It can be a little overwhelming as reality strikes you square in the gut. So that being said, why not head back home for a while?

Okay, your first instinct is to probably say, “no way” and stop reading this article. You still like to party and you are thinking this will completely ruin your chance of a love life. However, once you calm down and take a deep breath, you might realize it makes a lot of sense. Think about it.

You probably don’t have a “real” job lined up yet and you don’t know where you are going to end up. Your parents’ house is the perfect place to use a sort of launching point for your next phase in life. What if you decide you want to move to another city or find a great job that requires you to relocate? If you are locked into a lease you will be stuck. Home gives you the option to move out whenever you want.

The most obvious benefit to moving back home is the money you will save. Soon you will have to start paying off those student loans and sooner or later you will need to buy a car. Not only that but there are many hidden costs to renting a place of your own such as buying furniture, security deposits or even pet deposits. The job market is still horrible, so living at home can really help you save for whatever comes next.

Being just out of college also gives you the chance to travel the world if you desire to do so. You might even decide you want to live overseas. Moving back home gives you the flexibility to do so as well as giving you a space to store your stuff. Other advantages include home cooked meals and saving on utilities. Plus, let’s be honest, be it ever so humble there really is no place like home.

Sooner or later you will want to stop partying, but if you haven’t reached that point you can still do so. Just be respectful of your parents. If you are going to be out late then crash at a friends’ place instead of stumbling home drunk late at three A.M. As for dating, you are still young and anybody that doesn’t see the wisdom in what you are doing probably isn’t worth it. Now if you are 30 and still at home then you might have some serious issues, but for now you should be fine.

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