Moving Your Home Office Into the Future With 4G Wireless

For a savvy businessperson, it’s tough work keeping up with the technology. Especially for business-owners, or those who are operating a small business, there isn’t a whole tech department assigned to following the trends and updating the company. You’re out there on your own, trying to understand the different developments and how they can best serve you.

This is an especially tough move for those who aren’t dot-commers straight out of M.I.T. and now creating brave new technology for the internet out in California involving weird new words like offline storage and WiMax. If Twitter is a new concept for you, if you recently got a BlackBerry only to find out that it’s an iPhone that’s going to wow clients, then you need a little bit more help than most with strategies for your business.

Bringing any company’s operations into the 21st century involves looking at where things are going to go, and there’s no better thing to focus on than what can keep your business in the loop, no matter where you are: the internet. But in thinking about the internet, don’t keep it confined to your computer screen. That’s the tricky thing about the new technologies; with wireless internet, it’s possible to expand the conventional field of things you use to do things online to include, more and more, cell phones and mobile devices.

By now, you might have heard your cell phone company talk about how sending and receiving data is easy, thanks to their 3G wireless network. Well, that’s all about to change with a one-two punch of technology that reorders the game and makes small business rethink what they should be spending their budget on. 4G is about to hit, and it already has in cities like Boston and Seattle. This means that getting content from the internet to your mobile device is easier than ever, and it’s now possible to do things like stream video, or use Skype, that simply wouldn’t have worked before.

But a truly business-savvy individual might want to pay attention to the other development in wireless technology, and hedge bets on worrying about conducting all business through a cell phone. With the development of WiMax, now the technology that supplies cell phones with this data transfer capability can be applied to a laptop or computer, anywhere in the country. With this technology, you simply turn your computer on, and it’s effectively working as a cell phone in that it picks up the network. Instead of the wireless being confined to your home office’s router, now it’s a gigantic network that utilizes that same technology as the cell phone companies, except to bring you reliable internet anywhere.

Any small business owner who wants to be on the cusp of business solutions would do well to embrace this technology, not just for the ease of communications it will provide, but for the simple fact that, in more than a couple of cases, you are likely to wow your clients and give the most important impression possible these days: that you’re wired and savvy.

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