Choosing a French Door For Your Home

Interior french doors add a beautiful style and elegance to any room in your home. More and more people are choosing french doors not only for function but as an interior design element to their dwelling environment. They can be added to bedrooms, kitchens and are often found as entrances to dining rooms. But usually you will find this style of door on your way out to the deck or backyard.

Some people even choose to have them as their front door which is a beautiful alternative, however, the privacy issue can come into play which brings them to the option of french door window treatments, which is a great choice for allowing the light to come through still but maintaining your privacy.

A french door is a door panel that generally has a wooden frame and has partitions to separate each frame. Its glass pane is rectangular in shape and occupies the majority of the entire door. Many home owners use a french door as an add-on element for decorative purposes.

The main benefits of a french door is to allow the existing space between two rooms to seem blended rather than cut off by a solid door. Having a door with glass that you can see through tends to make the rooms appear larger and more open, not too mention helps you keep an eye on wandering kids. Allowing light to shine through from the outdoors by using exterior french doors brightens any and every room. French patio doors almost seem like an addition to the outside area since they add such a lovely element to the space. But keep in mind if you live in a particularly windy or stormy area that you should most definitely choose a french storm door instead of the other material types.

When choosing a door the designer/home owner has a few options. Specifically what type of material to use. You can find vinyl doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors and UPVC doors…just to name a few of the more popular options. Not too mention you can research custom french doors, if that is within your budget, to have them made exactly the way you want them to look. That way you can choose the exact color, size of window panes, how many window panes and so on.

Since the majority of these doors are constructed of glass, there may be an increased threat of breakage. Wind, debris, and hail may be of concern to you, but more durable windows are now available to put you mind at ease. Special-grade glass can have enough strength to counter hurricane winds and high-velocity objects without fracturing. And even if there is a crack, newer forms of glass will not break and become hazardously jagged but will instead shatter to avoid any further danger or injury. Plus, most of the windows are insulated and can be slightly tinted in order to save any energy leakage and high utility bills during both summer and winter. Also, most trim is water and insect resistant to ensure safety against outdoor nuisances.

It would seem that choosing french door hardware for your doors is almost as important as the door itself these days. There are many styles and materials available. No matter which type of french door you choose you are always guaranteed a welcome addition to the room it is placed in. So peruse our site and visit our shopping links to become more informed and hopefully on your way to purchasing the french doors that are right for your home.

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